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Emily uses a variety of techniques to help teams work together more effectively

Emily is a qualified action learning facilitator and runs numerous sets for leaders from a diverse range of organisations 

      • Action learning uses the power of the group to challenge and support individuals to solve their own problems. It encourages both reflection and action and is proven to make a huge impact – both for individuals and for organisations
      • It develops genuine and long-lasting relationships within the group
      • Individuals will gain expertise in coaching approaches such as open questioning
      • It helps understanding of cross-organisational challenges and priority clashes
      • It can develop cross-organisational networks

Typically, a set consists of 6-10 individuals and meets for a whole day at least once a quarter.

The duration of the set is flexible, some run for years, others are focused on a particular issue and run for 4 sessions then close.

Contact Emily to discuss your particular needs.

The Four Seasons model uses a simple questionnaire to enable you to get a better understanding of your preferred behaviour and communication style – particularly during times of stress and conflict.

This simple tool is transformational at enabling teams to make the most of their individual strengths and to understand why conflict and frustration occurs. It provides a simple, and non-threatening framework to help teams to work together not against each other.

It can be use in a variety of ways:

      • With individuals to help understand personal preferences and ways of working and therefore increase efficiency, happiness and enable better career planning
      • With teams as a team building exercise
      • With teams going through change and upheaval

How it works:

The online questionnaire takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Everyone then receives a personalised report detailing their preferred season

Emily then conducts a follow up 1-2-1 or team session to explore the finding and apply the results to the workplace



Emily is an experienced facilitator adept at making learning fun, motivating and memorable.

Sessions are bespoke and designed to meet individual need, but frequently cover:

    • Team building, especially for senior leadership
    • Communication styles 
    • Management skills
    • Maximising strengths
    • Change management
    • Setting and monitoring objectives
    • Strategic planning

Emily uses an incredibly effective coaching approach in her training. She demonstrates her knowledge, while listening carefully and encouraging participants to share and reflect

Grace Gogarty, Events & Experience Executive

Highly insightful action learning facilitator able to guide senior professionals through powerful and inspiring sessions

Chris Ashworth, Programme Diretor, Nominet Trust

As a team we found it a really useful exercise and discovered ways of working together far more effectively.

Emily Thomson Bell, NUS Head of Quality

Talk to Emily

If you have a training or coaching requirement Emily would love to hear from you.